Tuesday, October 20, 2020

In Solidarity with Rahul Roy and Saba Dewan

In Solidarity with Rahul Roy and Saba Dewan: Online Film Screening

1) 22 Oct, from 6 am

Film : When Four Friends Meet
Dir: Rahul Roy; 43 min; Hindi with Eng subtitles; 2000

Synopsis : When Four Friends Meet... they share with the camera their secrets...sex and girls; youthful dreams and failures; frustrations and triumphs. Bunty, Kamal, Sanjay and Sanju, best of friends and residents of Jehangirpuri, a working class colony on the outskirts of Delhi are young and trying to make their lives in an environment which is changing rapidly... girls seem to be very bold... stable jobs are not easy to come by... sex is a strange mix of guilt and pleasure... families are claustrophobic... and the blur of television the only sounding board...

2) 28 Oct, 6 am

Film : Delhi - Mumbai - Delhi
Dir : Saba Dewan; 63 min; Punjabi, Hindi with Eng subtitles; 2006

Synopsis : It is an intimate portrait of Riya, a young woman who earns a living as a dancer in the bars of Mumbai. Riya travels by train from her native city of Delhi to Mumbai, together with many other uneducated girls looking for a better future for themselves and their families. Things are not easy. Even though she is earning a living and has plenty of admirers who give her presents, her line of work does not do much for her reputation. Her family is also getting harassed by the police. Moreover, her boss forces her to work harder and harder to bring in more tips - money that she cannot even keep for herself. When Riya eventually finds a husband, she says she is happy, but the question remains as to whether she will be able to deal with being a housewife.

Organised by Marupakkam in association with Vikalp @ Prithvi (Mumbai), Pedestrian Pictures (Bangalore), Cinema of Resistance (Ghaziabad) and People's Film Collective (Kolkata)

Click here to watch the films! (Kindly note the dates) 

When Four Friends Meet (from 22nd Oct, 6 am)

Delhi - Mumbai  - Delhi (from 28th Oct, 6 am)

Interactions with Rahul Roy and Saba Dewan :

Rahul Roy

Saba Dewan


  1. I just watched and really liked "When Four Friends Meet", and I really _need_ to see the decade-later sequel! Is there a place to watch or buy online "Till We Meet Again"?

  2. The link is not clickable.
    “Click here to watch the films!“

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Nothing is opening? How do I see the film?


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